The Game Weighs In On Meek Mill-Safaree Fight

Like the rest of us, The Game watched the video of Safaree getting jumped by Meek Mill’s goons outside of a West Hollywood industry party.
Safaree was able to escape unscathed and taunted Meek afterward.
[Watch Safaree get attacked by Meek Mill’s goons.]

The Game has had his own issues with Meek over the years, but he told TMZ he would be staying out of this one.
However, he did have a suggestion for how Meek and Safaree should settle their differences.
“Why not meet up and fight one-on-one? You know what I’m saying? It’s only fair,” Game said.
“In the streets or like a celebrity boxing thing,” the cameraman wondered.
“However they want to do it, man. Let’s get it done,” The Game said.

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