Taylor J – Who Would’ve Thought – Mixtape

Taylor J - Who Would've Thought

1. Five Times (Prod By Ric & Thadeus)
2. WWT (Prod By Lexi Banks)
3. Hunnits (Prod By Ric & Thadeus)
4. I Kno (Prod By Ric & Thadeus)

5. Swear Ta God (Prod By SM Tracks of Beat Mechanics)
6. Heaven Like (Prod By Red Drum Beatz)
7. First One (Prod By Ric & Thadeus)
8. Homicide (Prod By Kush2x)
9. Ticket (Prod By Red Drum Beatz)
10. Impossible (Prod By Jammy Beatz)
11. West$ide (Prod By Kush2x)
12. Bad Day (Prod By SupaFlyJae)

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