Singer Chris Brown & His Daughter’s life threatened by long time rival kevin mccall

Kevin McCall was shot in the toe earlier this week in Watts.

He had been feuding with his old friend Chris Brown shortly before it happened, so it was only natural that some folks would wonder if Breezy was involved in the incident.

McCall jumped on Twitter this morning to dismiss those rumors. However, in doing so, McCall threatened Chris Brown and his “Seed” and claimed Breezy is only still alive because McCall has been keeping him above ground.

“Chris Brown and his Seed would be in a Casket if he had anything to do with me being shot. STOP playin with rumors Or I can’t promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive 7 years now in L.A. don’t take the humblness u see in me as weakness Chris wouldn’t have a head to tattoo 👎🏿On,” McCall Tweets.

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