Rnb Singer The-Dream Explains Why He No Longer Works With Drake


worked on Drake‘s first album, featuring on the Thank Me Later hit ‘Shut It Down’.

It seemed like it would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But that’s the last time they collaborated.
In a new interview with Genius, The-Dream explains why.
He started out by saying Drake and his people were all over him to do ‘Shut It Down.’
Then, when he was finally able to get to it, Drake tried to steer him on the sound. So Dream told Drake he was just going to do it his way and it turned out great. However, when Dream wanted a favor from Drake, Drizzy wasn’t there.
“The record came out great,” Dream explained. “When the next album came along, I asked him to get on a record, and he never got on a record. Now, I’m only gonna ask you once. Especially if I’ve already done something for you. So that went through directly to him, and whatever that thing was, that was it. So that’s the end of the Drake and Dream era of a record.”
Dream went on to stress that he still has love for Drake and all of his success, despite the snub.

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