Rapper Ludacris Slams Haters Who Say His Music Career Is Dead

Ludacris has only dropped one album since 2010, 2015’s Ludaversal, which has been the lowest selling of his career.
Since then he’s been in three Fast And Furious movies and is the new host for Fear Factor.

That has led some to suggest the 39-year-old is done as a rapper
Luda pushed back against that when he was asked on the VMA red carpet if his music career was “dead”.
“Definitely not dead,” Ludacris responded. “Not at all. I just taking my time, putting out some more music. When you get to the ninth album stage and you sold over 20 million records, sometimes it’s a process and you just gotta take your time. It’s expected that when any artist that takes a lot of time between albums, you’re always going to hear people say that.  But music is number 1. If it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.”

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