Rapper Kodak Black Request Permission To Work With Rappers With Criminal Records

As a condition

of his probation, Kodak Black can’t associate with known felons.

That becomes an issue if you want to collaborate in Hip Hop.
Gucci Mane, Young Thug and Rick Ross, for example, have rap sheets and could be on the list of folks Kodak can’t associate with.
So Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen has filed paperwork to clarify the details of Kodak’s probation and ask for an exemption to the known felons clause for work associates and family members.
Kodak needs to take his probation seriously.
He spent more than three months locked up for violating his house arrest earlier this year and had been facing up to a year.
He’s lived a charmed life in terms of the legal system, and one wouldn’t necessarily want to jeopardize that for a Young Thug feature.

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