Rapper 50 Cent Is Probably Getting Sued For Punching A Girl

It looks like 50 Cent could find himself back in civil court.
Last week, cameras caught 50 Cent taking a swing at a female front row fan who got too aggressive with 50’s arm and upset his balance enough to pull him off of the stage. On the way down, Fif threw an instinctive punch.
The punch didn’t appear to land squarely.
50 Cent immediately tried to make the situation right, and soon the lady in question was up on stage and twerking.
But — what do you know — she had to go to the hospital the next day, and has hired a lawyer.
Attorney Warren Brown signaled his client’s intention to get some money from Fif by calling the 41 year old’s behavior “cowardly.”
50 Cent declared bankruptcy in 2015 after losing a series of multi-million dollar lawsuits. He settled with his creditors in February, so he’s good to sue again.

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