Nile Ross – The Lotus Effect – Mixtape

Nile Ross - The Lotus Effect 
 Nile Ross – The Lotus Effect – Mixtape

01. Lotus Intro
02. Lotus Effect (Prod. By Andre Sweet & 2AM)
03. Coming From The Mud (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
04. Word Of Mouth (Prod. By Nile Ross)
05. On The Road (Prod. By Nile Ross)
06. Night & Day Full Moon (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
07. West Side Girl (Prod. By Jelan Abrams)
08. Run The Town (Prod. By Nile Ross)
09. Love Detox (Prod. By Jelan Abrams & Andre Sweet)
10. 23 (Prod. By Drupes)
11. Spite (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
12. PB & J (Prod. By Nile Ross)
13. Christanie’s Interlude
14. Moments (Prod. By Andre Sweet)
15. 24 (Prod. By Drupes)
16. For My $et (Prod. By Nile Ross)
17. Or Against Me (Prod. By Nile Ross)
18. Arizona Format
19. All Night Long (Prod. By Nile Ross)
20. 5 41 AM (Prod. By Jelan Abrams)
21. Journey (Prod. By Chrome Plated)
22. Blossom (Prod. By Nile Ross & Andre Sweet)

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