News – LMFAO Demands Legal Fees From Rick Ross after Ross sued them

LMFAO Demands Legal Fees From Rick Ross

LMFAO is not laughing at Rick Ross’s poor attempts to sue the group and is now
demanding that the Maybach Music Group boss pay their legal fees.
reports that June 7, Redfoo and Sky Blu filed court documents to say
that Ross owes them $650,923.28 for the two years that they spent
defending their case in court after he sued them.

Rozay sued LMFAO saying that they used the chorus from his 2006 hit
“Hustlin'” in their “Party Rock Anthem” single, where the chorus says
“Every day I’m shufflin’.”

A judge tossed the case out in April after finding that Ross did not
have the proper copyright paperwork for the song, which is a cut from
his Port of Miami album.

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