News – Jay Z, DMX & Ja Rule Reunite at beyounce formation tour


At this point, DJ Khaled has the power
to go back in time and squash the beef between the Hatfield and McCoys.

Last night at Beyonce’s grand finale Formation World Tour in East
Rutherford, N.J., DJ Khaled rounded up Queen Bey’s husband, Jay Z, Ruff
Ryder figurehead DMX (who had just finished out the Bad Boy Reunion Tour
himself) and multi-platinum rap star and 50 Cent nemesis, Ja Rule.

Longtime Hip Hop fans will recognize the significance of photo-op,
for the NYC Hip Hop tandem was once known as the supergroup Murder Inc.
shortly before Ja Rule and Irv Gotti leveraged the name into their own
successful imprint.

In 1999 for the ninth issue of XXL magazine, Jigga, Ja and Dark Man X
got the front (and back) cover story for the proposed supergroup,
created a couple of songs but no album was ever materialized.

The epic union happened backstage at Metlife Stadium where DJ Khaled
and Mike Kyser, Atlantic Records President of Black Music, took plenty
of flicks. There were also several Snapchat videos where the trio shared
chummy moments about the 1999 “It’s Murda” record and X was also heard
telling Jay Z, “You know, I still gotta get you on the pool table, man.”

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