News – Detail on Kim Kardashian Gun Point Robbery in Paris Emerged


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were fixtures at
’ Fashion Week and their high-profiles made the rapper’s famous
wife the target of a frightening incident that left her gagged and bound
in a bathtub at gunpoint.

Police in Paris are have already branded the shocking attack on Kim
Kardashian at The Pourtalès as the work of organized criminals, who made
off with over $10 million in jewelry.

The two gunmen tied up the overnight security guard, broke into Kim’s room and put their guns to her temple.

She was then bound with packing tape and placed in a bathtub while
the thieves took $6.7 million worth of jewels and a ring worth about
$4.5 million.

According to police, they found the night watchmen bound in a
hallway, which also allowed the attackers to flee the crime scene on

The mayor of the city where attack took place said the robbery would
make Paris look worse in light of the recent terror attacks that have
rocked the city.

Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo, vowed that the police would find the perpetrators.

“I condemn the attack Kim Kardashian suffered last night in her
hotel,” Mayor Hidalgo said in a statement. “She has my support and will
always be welcome here in Paris. I have full confidence that the police
force, as part of their investigation, will quickly identify and
apprehend the perpetrators of these acts.”

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