Drake Re-Ignites Beef With Joe Budden

The Drake-Joe Budden beef was all the rage in the summer of 16.

There were diss tracks, memes, and Joe hilariously running up on a pack of suburban, teenage OVO “goons” with rocks in his hand.

Budden’s had a pretty good run since then. But it’s been as a media figure, not a rapper.

Drake just mocked Budden’s career switch in the bars of his new track “Diplomatic Immunity”, which he released last night along with “God’s Plan”.

Shit is complex like short niggas ’round tall ladies
I gotta watch who I’m talkin’ to like it’s all agents
I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers, judgin’ their peers
Knowledge from niggas who did not contribute to none of this here

Budden famously split from Complex late last year and hasn’t made his rumored move to Diddy’s Revolt yet. So we guess he’ll have to respond to Drake’s latest jab on his podcast. Or perhaps this will push him back into the studio.

Drake also made a passing mention of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez on “Diplomatic Immunity”.


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