Rapper T.I. Gives Opinion On Meek Mill Serving Time

Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for violating probation earlier this week.If there’s anyone who should be able to relate to what Meek Mill is going through, it’s T.I.

Tip was at the height of his career when he was locked up for almost a year in 2009 on federal weapons charges. He had been under house arrest before that.  Here’s what he said about Meek’s situation:

“My brother been going back and forth with them people since they put him on probation,” he said. “They didn’t want him to make it. I think every violation, there’s a certain discretion that a judge could use, and just like the judge could be lenient sometimes, other times they can be excessive.”

Tip also had some advice on how Meek should spend his time behind bars.

“Just use the time wisely, be productive and learn as much as you can,” he stated. “Just strategize from the moment you step up out of there. Everyday you in there, utilize all them hours. Strategize your comeback.”

T.I. added that a 2 to 4 year bid shouldn’t put an end to Meek’s career based on his overall talent.

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