Planet Asia – Dirty Planet – Album

Planet Asia - Dirty Planet

01. Thousand $$$ Shirt Me feat. Washeyi Choir
02. Tell Me Something feat. Washeyi Choir & Rozewood
03. Dirty Planet feat. Washeyi Choir
04. Crunch Time Pt. 2 feat. Flii Stylz & Rozewood
05. Money Drop feat. Hus Kingpin
06. Ignorance is Bliss feat. AA Rashid
07. Sacks for Sale
08. Write Your Story feat. LarIna
09. Watchu Talkin feat. OSKAMiLL
10. Sherm Theme feat. Rasco & Tristate
11. Purchase and Flip
12. Bakin in a Sesh
13. The Durag Prayer feat. Tristate
14. Here I Am

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