Bo Deal – I Am Legend – EP

Bo Deal - I Am Legend

01. Bo Deal – Mr. Deal [Prod. By Gaggie]
02. Bo Deal – Feel It In The Air
03. Bo Deal – Hypocrite [Prod. By Kid Wonder]

04. Bo Deal – I Am Legend [Prod. By Ill G8z & DeeDotWill]
05. Bo Deal – Respect This Shit [Prod. By DeeDotWill]
06. Bo Deal – Do You??? [Prod. By Fabeezy]
07. Bo Deal – Monster (Feat. Montana of 300, G Count, Twista & Bump J) [Prod. By Judo]
08. Bo Deal – Ride Out (Feat. Park Side Slim & Cap Z) [Prod. By Iceberg Beats]
09. Bo Deal – For A Minute [Prod. By YK Beats]
10. Bo Deal – Whole Man (Feat. John Blu) [Prod. By John Blu]
11. Bo Deal – Going (Feat. Hypno Carlito) [Prod. By YK Beats]
12. Bo Deal – Big Homie [Prod. By 808 Cicero]
13. Bo Deal – Cut A Check (Feat. Paper The Great)
14. Bo Deal – That Lil Ho [Prod. By Trak Surg]
15. Bo Deal – Bout That (Feat. Lil Chris FBG Duck & Rico Reckless) [Prod. By Yung Kryp]
16. Bo Deal – Streets Is Crazy [Prod. By Beat Menace]

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