Reel Wolf – Sinema- EP

Reel Wolf - Sinema
01. Sintro (feat. DJ TMB)
02. Trained to Kill (feat. the Flatlinerz, Lex the Hex Master & Ruste Juxx)
03. Alienology (feat. Ironic & Swann)
04. Reel Goons (feat. Ruste Juxx, Danny Diablo, King Gordy, Raze the Ratchet & Snowgoons)
05. Cosmosis? (feat. K Otix & J.O. the Last Man)

06. Chaotic Methods (feat. Kid Fade, Swann, Resin & Louie Rankin)
07. Superhuman (feat. Big Kurt, Odoub, Q Unique, Brad Shank & Snowgoons)
08. Sinematic (feat. the Flatlinerz, Mr Hyde, Kool G Rap, Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Reef the Lost Cauze)
09. Immortal Forest (feat. Ironic & Alpha Omega)
10. Still Fuckin’ with Ya’ll (feat. Snoop Dogg, D Lynch & Ill Bill)
11. Ferocity (feat. Dominant Species, Mersinary, Resin & Seen B)
12. Change My Ways (feat. Sentury Status, Steele & Rob Whiskey)
13. Masks of Torment (feat. Lex the Hex Master & Reznik)
14. Marios (feat. Resin & Mersinary)
15. Theatrikill (feat. Lex the Hex Master, Donnie Menace, J Reno, Adlib & Snowgoons)
16. Schemes & Slaves (feat. Grinz, Mic Gutz & Canibus)
17. Raw Thoughts (feat. Shyheim & Mr Erbie)
18. Starving Artist (feat. J Reno, Riviera Regime & Cassie Blu)
19. Inferno (feat. Kid Fade, Seen B, Raw B Snatch & Donnie Menace)
20. Action! (feat. J Reno, Resin, Shallow Pockets & Snowgoons)
21. Reel Goons (Cold North Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. Seen B, Swann, Ironic, Suspect & Snowgoons)
22. Hate Yourself (Bonus Track) [feat. Body Heist & Dominant Species]
23. Live Meat (Bonus Track) [feat. Heaven, Kid Fade & Ironic]

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