Kool John – Up All Night – Mixtape

Kool John - Up All Night

1 She Goin’ (feat. P-Lo)
2. Come Get Yo Bitch (feat. Philthy Rich & Louie G The Don)
3. Tambourine (feat. Sage the Gemini)
4. Shake It Fast (feat. Show Banga)

5. No Chill (feat. Larry June)
6. Filling Up the Bag
7. Big Flexin’ (feat. akaFrank)
8. One Time (feat. Skipper)
9. Ain’t a Thang (feat. IAMSU!, Skipper & Dave Steezy)
10. Skrrrrrrttt! (feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Nef The Pharaoh)
11. Ahhhh Shit Gah Damn (feat. IAMSU! & Snoop Dogg)

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