Rapper Bow Wow Parties With Topless Chicks; Throws One Out Of His Hotel

Bow Wow’s

recent attempt to stunt on Instagram didn’t go so well.

He’s trying again on Instagram Live.
The 30-year-old livestreamed a Vancouver hotel party he had with his boys and a bunch of topless girls. Here’s a video of the event.
It was all fun and games for the first half of the recording. But then Bow begins focusing on one girl who didn’t want to be on camera.
He starts badgering her, suspecting she’s messing with other rappers, and that’s why she won’t be filmed. “She might have fucked with a Toronto rapper or some shit,” he says
Bow gets angrier and angrier at the girl, who he feels had used him for social media exposure. Finally, he ejects her from the hotel room. She doesn’t seem to be upset about having to leave. However, Bow remains salty about the encounter.
Now that you have some insight into how Bow rolls, do you have a different opinion of him?

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