Jus-P – Supafriendz 2 – Mixtape

Jus-P - Supafriendz 2

01. Mason Storm
02. Running With Knives (feat. Solomon Childs)
03. Concrete Survival (feat. Hell Razah, Merc Versus & Anthai)
04. O.W.E. (feat. G.S. Advance)
05. Chinese Super Ninjaz (feat. Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz, Skanks Da Rap Martyr, G.S. Advance & Solomon Childs)
06. Dragon Sickness (feat. Solomon Childs)
07. No Fly Zone (feat. Shield Enforcers, KRS-One & Nova Kane)
08. Tell You What (feat. Iron Wind)
09. Meeting Of The Minds (feat. Dark Skinned Assassin & Crisis The Sharpshooter)
10. Cold World
11. Corner Store Revolution (feat. Solomon Childs, Dungeon Masta & Godilla)
12. Never Tell Me (feat. Solomon Childs)

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