Rapper Waka Flocka Says Today’s Generation Thinks Being Yourself Means Being Weird

Although Waka Flocka

didn’t straight up diss Lil Uzi Vert with his recent post, he put him in another category besides Hip Hop because of his odd fashion choices. Afterward, the Atlanta spitter sat down for an interview and gave his take on today’s generation of kids and rap fans.

“Today, man, you can’t be yourself,” said Waka. “Being yourself don’t count, and when people say be yourself, they’ve gotta be weird. They think doing weird shit is being yourself. No bruh, that ain’t. That’s called you trying to be accepted for being different … It’s good to dip and dab, but be yourself. Like you are different because you are yourself, bruh.”
Meanwhile, others had something to say about Vert’s outfit. People like Tyrese, who said he “can’t identify” with today’s Hip Hop and basketball wife Tami Roman, who said the same thing.
You can see their posts and Waka’s interview below. Also, what do you think about Mr. Flocka’s comments? Do you agree?

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