News – Rapper Fetty Wap Hires Lawyers to Block Websites from Profiting Off Sex Tape

Anna Webber, Getty Images 
Fetty Wap has found himself

in a PR nightmare as he tries to block websites from buying a sex tape that is circulating on the web.

TMZ is reporting that Fetty Wap has hired a team of lawyers to prohibit any porn websites from making money off the tape, which hit the internet on Tuesday morning (Jan. 10). In a few clips that we have watched (for research purposes only, of course), the New Jersey rapper is spending some quality time with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy who has her hands full of the rapper’s manhood.
Fetty Wap reportedly has hired attorneys to draft a cease-and-desist letter to send to websites who are posting the clips. He also sent a letter to Skyy, just to make sure she wasn’t in on the leakage. The “My Way” rapper believes he and Skyy are the only people in possession of the video.
Skyy’s attorney, Eric Croone, told TMZ that the video was leaked online without her permission and she is seeking possible legal action as well. The model also went on social media to apologized to her fans and family for this embarrassing moment

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