News – The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Goes #1 In Over 80 Countries

Instagram Flexin’: The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Goes #1 In Over 80 Countries 
Instagram began as something more about dinner pictures than beef initiation. 

The Weeknd’s “Starboy” Hits #1 In Over 80 Countries.

Then it evolved into a video platform for those wanting to give a 15 second glimpse into moments. Somewhere in the middle, celebrities, including rappers, are bypassing the usual press roll for direct fan interaction. While some attempt to give a mystique about themselves, many let it all go in terms of their personal lives. And to think, it’s all from the comforts of their smartphone. 
Considering the amount of famous folks on the social network, it can be a lot to filter through post displaying everything from their luxurious lifestyle to studio sessions. With that in mind, hopmp3 presents a weekly feature for those looking to have a filtered look into the lives of your favorite notable humans.
This week, DJ Khaled gives kisses to his son, DMX dances with his daughter at her Quiceañera, and Nick Cannon gets his hair braided by Heidi Klum.

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