News – Rapper The Game Loses $10 Million Sexual Assault Case

The Game Loses $10 Million Sexual Assault Case
The Game might be facing

a serious penalty after a jury found him liable in the $10 million sexual assault case that has resulted in a year-long battle.

The jury made their ruling against the Compton rapper yesterday (November 18) after four days of hearings,
reports. The damages that The Game has to fork over have not been
released yet and either haven’t been filed yet or will be determined in a
separate hearing.
A woman named Priscilla Rainey first filed the lawsuit back in August
of last year claiming that The Game assaulted her when she was a
participant on his reality show, She Got Game. Rainey said that
she went out with the rapper for what she thought was a mandatory date
with The Game at a bar in Illinois after taping for the show. While
there, she said he got drunk and high and forced himself upon her,
putting “his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”
Initially, a judge gave Rainey a default judgment because The Game
didn’t respond to the case. He fought back saying he was never properly
served the papers.
After an intense back-and-forth on social media between the woman and The Game, the judge ruled in April that the proceedings of the case would remain confidential.
The Game maintained his innocence throughout the process and has yet to publicly comment on the ruling.

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