TC – The Shallow End – Mixtape

TC - The Shallow End


1.Bottles & Bitches Feat. Queen Key. (Prod. By Dopant Beats)mp3
2.PuNewNew (Prod. By Epidemic)
3.Options (Prod. By Rioretti)
4.Shit2Me (Prod. By TVO Beats)
5.Don’t Pull That Feat. Adamn Killa.(Prod. By Drake Conner)
6.Get Rich (Prod. By Rioretti)
7.Ain’t Tryna Flex Feat. Spenzo (Prod. By iTrez Beats)
8.Cool With Me (Bonus) (Prod. By Drake Conner)
9.Evol Nightmare (Prod. By Mulatto Beats)
10.Let It Fly (Prod. By Plu2o Na$h)

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