News – Kylie Jenner gift Tyga Bentley Truck

Kylie Jenner Buys Tyga Bentley Truck

Tyga joins Meek Mill
as one of the few who can call themselves the owner of the Bentley Bentayga, more commonly known as the Bentley Truck.

Kylie Jenner, Tyga’s girlfriend, gifted the car to the California rapper amidst reports that T-Raw
had his Ferrari repossessed. She shared his reaction to receiving the
white luxury SUV on her Snapchat and said that the “blogs” almost blew
her surprise because of the Ferrari story.

broke the news about the Ferrari repossession and said that Tyga and
Kylie went to the Bentley dealership together. She says it was just her
that went to the dealership and that the story was fake. The celebrity
site rebuts her claims and says it has seen the repossession paperwork.

The Ferrari story is not shocking, as Tyga has had a spree of financial woes. A jeweler recently came after him for $200,000 and a judge demanded that the rapper pay nearly the same amount to his landlord for environmental waste.

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