Gibberish – Good Boy, d.E.E.p Web – Mixtape

Gibberish - Good Boy, d.E.E.p Web


01. The Recorder (Intro)
02. I. Stumble
03. II. Worldstar and Waffles
04. I. The Alright Guys
05. II. Blue Faces
06. III. Vibe Ave
07. IV. Sweatpants Freestyle
[08. V. Dead by 3005
09. I. The Pool
10. II. No Heart
11. I. Keisha’s Plight
12. II. Zealots of Compton [m.A.A.d City]
13. III. Hol’ Urn
14. I. Pink Justice (Ft. Drake)
15. II. Detox: The Oldest Legend (Look Out)
16. III. Life: The Biggest Revolution (HiiiPoWeR)

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