News – Rapper Meek Mill Continues Spending Spree With $540k Chain

Meek Mill Continues Spending Spree With $540k Chain

Meek Mill continues stuntin’ on ’em, dropping $540,000 on a Dreamchasers
chain just after buying a $380,000 Bentley Bentayga (Bentley truck) and committing to $30,000 monthly rent with girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

reports that the jewelry is made up of 250 karats and was purchased
from the City of Brotherly Love’s own Shyne Jewelers. The design has the
Dreamchasers signature “DC” logo on the front with “Dreamchasers”
emblazoned on the edges of the pendant. The chain is encrusted with
diamonds as well.

Shyne confirmed these details to HipHipDX and described its working relationship with the Dreamchasers boss.

“He has been one of our most loyal clients since we opened our
doors,” Joe the Jeweler known as Shyne says. “We are beyond grateful to
work with Meek and his team.”

Meek Mill also showed off the chain on Instagram with the simple caption “GABOS,” short for “Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy.”

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